Amy Javens
Elite Age Group Triathlete
Former Pro
USAT / QT2 Systems Triathlon Coach

Redefine your limits!

"Amy will be building for her goal race, The Hawaii Ironman World Championships, competing in the 45-49 age group.

2018 Race Schedule

* Ironman TX 70.3 (4:42) -  2nd AG
* Ironman Santa Rosa​ - 1st AG
* Ironman World Championships
2017 Race Schedule
* Ironman Texas 70.3 - 2nd AG, (4:43) - Injury
* Ironman Texas - 5th AG, (10:30) - Injury
* Rev 3  HIM - Barrelman Aquabike - 1st OA (2:11 Bike Split)
* Ironman Los Cabos (10:22) - 1st OA, 1st AG, Kona Qualifier

"Amy switched to Age Group competition in 2017, as she turned 45.  Inhibited by a calf tear her earlier part of the season, she ended her season, healthy and strong!​​"
 2016 Race Schedule

*  Ironman Texas 70.3 - 17th PRO
*  Ironman Australia , 7th PRO
*  Ironman  Texas - 17th PRO
*  Miltonman OLY - 1st OA
*  Eastern Ohio State TT Championships - 3rd OA Cat1/2/3
*  Eastern Ohio Time Trial Series - 1st OA
*  Ironman Austin MIami, 17th PRO
*  Ironman Arizona
“Amy will continued to race professional for the 2016 season.”
2015 Pro Season - "Adversity"
*April Fool’s 4 Miler -  4th OA (24:54 PR)
*Try Charleston 70.3 - 1st OA (4:26:25 PR) Course Record
*Challenge Knoxville 70.3 -  (crashed-mechanical)
*Challenge Willimsburg 70.3 -  (crashed-mechanical)
*Timberman 70.3 -  16th PRO  
*IM Chattanooga - 17th PRO (9:54)
*PPD Beach2Battleship Full Iron Distance - 1st PRO (9:25 PR)     
“The 2015 season was one of adversity.  Amy began the year with a win at TryCharleston 70.3 (4:26 and a personal best at that distance).  Shortly after, she suffered crashes in two separate races due to mechanical issues (unbelievably, a rolled tubular and a clincher pressure explosion).  Despite bruised ribs, a lumbar strain, and hairline fractured pelvic bones, Amy was able to bounce back, literally, and race 2 ironman distance races 3 weeks apart later in the season.  She won the second, PPD Beach2Battleship with a personal best of 9:25 .”
2014 Pro Season - "Gaining Experience"
*Chilly Cheeks 5 miler - 1st OA
*North Park March Madness -  2nd OA
*IM Florida 70.3 - 13th PRO
*IM Texas - 17th PRO
*The Dam Tri - 1st Elite
*Challenge New Albany  - 11th PRO 
*IM LOU - 5th PRO
*Morainman 70.3 - 1st Elite
*Buckeye Half Marathon - 2nd OA
*IM Cozumel - 11th PRO (9:39)
"The 2014 season was all about gaining experience at the professional level of competition.  Professsional triathletes approach race plans a bit differently than amateurs and Amy's focus was learning how to catch legs at the swim start, implement a fast independent bike and pace the run.  Highlight of the season was placing 5th pro at Ironman Louisville, Amy's first pro podium finish."
2013 Amateur/Pro Season-"Pulling the Trigger"
*Millcreek Half Marathon - 1st OA
*IM Texas 70.3 - 1st AG
*Bassman 70.3 - 2nd OA
*Rev 3 Quassy 70.3 - 3rd AG
*The Dam Oly Tri - 2nd OA Elite
*IM Lake Placid - 2nd AG
*Rev 3 Cedar Pt Sprint - 1st OA
*IM Austin 70.3 - 15th PRO (1st PRO race)
*IM Cozumel - 11th PRO
“Amy switched from amateur to professional racing during the 2013 season.  "A bucket list pro" as she was called, and being 40 yrs of age, Amy decided it was "now or never" to live out a goal of hers, to race professionally and push herself to better herself amongst the best.  With a realistic outlook, Amy focused on improving her skills as a professional athlete and continued to build aerobic durability for the ironman distance."
2012 Amateur Season - "The Season of Surprises"
*Chilly Cheeks 5 Miler - 1st OA
*Shamrock Suffle Half Marathon 1st OA
*IM New Orleans 70.3 - 2nd AG
*Miltonman Oly Tri - 1st OA
*IM LOU - 2nd Amateur, 1st AG (10:25)
*IM World Championship  - 8th AG, 2nd USA 10:39)
"2012 was the season of an ironman distance focus, after racing 70.3 and olympics for years.  To much of Amy's surprise, at her first competitive ironman distance race, she placed 2nd amateur at IM LOU, earned her pro card and qualified for the Ironman World Championships in the 40-44 age group.  Seven weeks later, she placed 8th in Kona, and was officially "hooked" on the ironman distance."
2009-2011 Season - "The Foundation"
2011 Season
*Rev 3 Cedar Pt 70.3 - 1st OA
*IM Steelhead 70.3 - 3rd AG
*Miltonman Oly - 1st OA
*Pittsburgh Int'l - 1st OA
*Columbia Oly Tri - 1st AG
*Iroquois Spring Time Trial - 5th OA
2010 Season
*IM Syracuse 70.3 - 4th AG
*IM Rhoade Island 70.3 - 5th OA
*Edinboro Oly - 1st OA
*Nat'l Du Championships  - 3rd AG
2009 Season
*IM 70.3 World Championships - 9th AG (4:32)
*Timberman 70.3 - 3rd AG
*Mitonman Oly - 1st OA
*Pittsburgh Int't Tri - 3rd OA
“2005 was when Amy dabbled in triathlon, soon she found herself passionate about her new sport.  By 2009-2011, she hired her first coach and started to focus more competively in the age group ranks.  These years served as her foundational years."